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Rip-It Youth Small-Medium Vision Pro Batting Helmet

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Youth sizes: 6 1/4" — 6 7/8"
Adult Sizes : 6 1/2" — 7 3/8"



We won't hold you back

The Vision Pro was designed to elevate the performance of softball players. Our batter's helmet features a minimal faceguard that provides maximum vision of the field - and an ultra-lightweight shell that provides security while remaining lightweight. The result is a softball helmet that provides players with the vision, fit, and security they need every time they step up to the plate.

Peace of Mind

Parents who are looking for security in a softball helmet can rest assured; the Vision Pro is the only fastpitch helmet with a policy that protects batters when they step up to the plate. If a batter suffers an injury from a softball striking the shell of the Vision Pro, the $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy will help cover the cost of medical expenses (see terms and conditions).

Superior visibility

A batter needs to see the ball if they want to hit the ball; it's common sense. The Vision Pro allows maximum vision with a batter's guard that is only focused on what's necessary. A minimal faceguard that provides players security without the clunky bars - and providing batters better foresight and vision so solid contact on the ball can be made.

Blackout Technology

Created to eliminate the light that reflects into a player's eyes, the Defense Pro features our exclusive "Blackout Technology". The inner bars of the mask are coated with a special matte finish that helps players enhance their vision and performance on the field.

Light and durable

A batter's speed and reflexes are critical when reacting to a pitch. It can be the difference between a strikeout and a game-winning hit. With this in mind, we've designed the the Vision Pro fastpitch helmet with a lightweight shell that provides strength and durability in the event of a forceful impact.

The RIP-IT Vision Pro softball helmet meets all NOCSAE performance standards.

Supportive and secure fit

To deliver at the performance level that top athletes expect, our softball helmet combines two different layers of padding that provide both support and security. The outer, low-density padding acts like memory foam and molds to each player's unique head shape - giving each batter a perfect fit every at bat. If a ball strikes the outer shell, the inner high-density layer reacts by spreading the force of impact over a wide area of the helmet.

Speed, strength, and security are the reasons why RIP-IT is the most trusted name in softball protective equipment.

Padding, keeps you dry

A valued feature of the Vision Pro softball helmet is the moisture wicking fabric that wraps the helmet pads. Players are able to stay dry and comfortable as the Moisture-Management fabric pulls away sweat and evaporates any wetness from perspiring athletes.

Air vents

The flow of fresh, cool air is crucial for keeping a player's core temperature at an acceptable level. With twenty-one strategically placed air vents, the Vision Pro will work to replace the heat and humidity inside of the helmet with a refreshing surge of fresh air - keeping players cool and focused when they're on the offense.              

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