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Easton M7 Catchers Set

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Easton M7 Catchers Set

The M7 Catcher’s Helmet is designed to give you protection when you need it and performance when you want it  all in a lightweight, comfortable package. With a sleek profile and advanced materials, the M7 helps keep your head in the game.
 Streamlined Profile: A snug fit and modern shape help the helmet move with you through fast movements.
 ABS Shell: High grade shell provides strength and durability.
 Dual Density Padding: Foam material inside the helmet combines protection and comfort.
 18 Vents: Strategically positioned to improve air flow and keep you cool.
M7 CHEST PROTECTOR Padding That Cuts Down on the Rebound
Designed to optimize the catching motions including blocking and throwing, Easton uses advanced multi-layer foams in the M7 Chest Protector, which both protect you and reduce the distance blocked balls will rebound away from you.

 Multi-layer Foams: Protect your chest while reducing ball rebound. Ventilation: Strategically placed vents increase air circulation. Removable Shoulder Cap: Velcro attachment is easy to install or remove.
Sizes: Adult 17.5", Intermediate 15", Youth 13", Jr Youth 12"

M7 LEG GUARD Stay Safe and Comfortable Behind the Dish
When you’re catching, let M7 Leg Guards keep you covered. Easton’s triple knee protection system guards your knees in and out of the squat, while strategically placed foam around the inner knee helps guard against impact from foul tips and pitches in the dirt.

 Triple Knee Protection: Keeps your knees safe in every position.
 IKP (Inner Knee Protection): Foam is strategically placed where catchers need it the most.
 Removable liner: Machine washable to help you stay fresh all season long.
Sizes: Adult 17.5", Intermediate 15.5", Youth 14 ", Jr Youth 12.5"

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