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Combat Wanted Youth Baseball Bat -10: WANYB10

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Made with Proven Seamless Construction and Blended Fiber Technology
Two-piece construction allows for extreme torque yet eliminates any lag from the barrel as felt with other brands
Features an ultra-premium grip with raised impact cushions and a performance tapered handle
HIT isolates the handle from the high performing barrel = zero sting 

  • 2 1/4" Composite Barrel
  • Approved for play in LLB, Dixie, Pony, AABC, Babe Ruth, USSSA
  • Two-piece design reduces sting with Handle Isolation Technology.
  • Extended barrel with seamless, precision molded multi-piece construction
  • Single wall Construction, double sweet spot and super light swing weight.
  • [PMT] Precision Molding Technology: Defines outer and inner barrel diameters with computer-controlled accuracy every time
  • [BFT] Blended Fiber Technology: Blends several types of fiber at varying angles for maximum durability, vibration absorption and performance
  • [SC] Seamless Construction: Seams result in "weak spots". Unlike our competitors COMBAT BATS ARE COMPLETELY SEAMLESS. Our SCT means they consist of Continuous strands of fiber that run through the length of the bat
  • [ACT] Anisotropic Composite Technology: The steffness and strengths are varied along the handle (to reduce vibration and sting) and across the barrel (for softer feel and improved bat performance)
  • [HIT] Handle Isolation Technology: Unique to Combat's two-piece bats, HIT isolates handle from barrel to effectively eliminate sting and vibration. The visco-elastic material stiffens under load so the barrel responds quickly to your swing, but then softens to absorb feedback without compromising performance.


Colors of end cap & knobs may vary from above image.  The -10 Wanted YB have blue end cap and knob.



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