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Rip It Face Guard - Baseball

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Rip It Face Guard / Baseball Royal Baseball 2

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Superior Vision.It would be an understatement to say that while batting, seeing the ball is important. Yet, for such an important idea, so many of the face guards available to you do not address this need. They are big, bulky, awkward, and ineffective at working with you to be a better hitter. The RIP-IT Face Guard addresses this issue by offering a view that is not only unrivaled, but also lets you make better contact with the ball and do it more often.

The softball batter's face guard is NOCSAE approved for use in softball.
The baseball batter's face guard does not require NOCSAE approval.

The design of the RIP-IT Face Guard is streamlined. We engineered it with only what was necessary to protect you while focusing on offering the widest, largest viewable area. The result is an opening so large that you can see rise balls, drop balls, curves, and sliders without the ball ever crossing a bar and limiting your vision. This means you see the ball better and will be a better hitter on every pitch.

Blackout Technology

After creating the original RIP-IT Face Guard we wanted to push the idea of better vision even further. What we came up was Blackout Technology and it is like eyeblack for your equipment, but better. Blackout Technology coats the inside bars of the face guard with a special matte coating that eliminates 100% of the reflective glare. What this means to you is an even better hitting experience that allows you to focus like never before on making contact with the ball.

Universal Fit.

As if creating big, bulky, awkward face guards wasn't bad enough, the other companies also design their face guard to only fit their helmet. This approach eliminates your freedom to change helmets without buying new face guards. The RIP-IT Face Guard was built for a Universal Fit and can be attached to most popular helmets. This means when you get new helmets, your RIP-IT Face Guard can be transferred and used again and again saving you money each year.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Do you like to try things before you commit? If so, RIP-IT has you covered. Every RIP-IT product comes with our exclusive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This means you have 30 days from the time of purchase to see just how great a RIP-IT product is. If for any reason you don't feel RIP-IT has lived up to your expectations we will buy it back from you in the first 30 days. So go ahead and try a product-if it doesn't live up to the hype, you are covered 100%. Yet another reason RIP-IT is just way better.






RIP-IT is built around the simple idea that you should love your equipment.
This core belief is why RIP-IT provides every player thirty days to make
sure RIP-IT is perfect for them. Trying new equipment should be
simple, fun, and risk free. We know you will agree and that you too will love RIP-IT.




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