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Product Offers

Don’t like the price?  Simple – Just make us an offer! 

Use our Product Offers feature to make offers on some of your favorite products.  Not all products on the Direct Sports website or in the print catalog will be eligible.  We suggest that you visit us as much as possible to see what products are becoming available.  To stay even more up to date, sign up for our newsletter, which will alert you to any and all promotions that we are running. 

Please note the following when making an offer:

  • You must create an account and/or be logged in to make an offer. 
  • Simply enter a price in the offer field, click the "make offer" button to see the status of your offer.  

  • If your offer has been declined, you will see a notifcation prompting you to try again.
  • Bid wisely!  You only have 5 attempts to make an offer on the product.  
  • If your offer has been accepted, you will see a notifcation confirming that your bid was accepted.  You then select the size, color, or other specification.  After that, simply add the product to the cart, where the price of product is automatically adjusted. 
  • In the event of a pricing or order processing error, we reserve the right to review and/or deny any offer(s) or sales made on a "make offer" product.  

If at any point you have a question about the process, you can email us at customerservice@directsports.com or call us at (800) 456-0072.