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ThrowMAX Training Aid

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X-Small(up to 4ft 7in), Small (4ft 8in to 5ft 2in), Medium (5ft 3in to 5 8in), Large (5ft 9in or taller)

You can show your player the proper starting arm position...

You can move your player's arm through the proper motion and trajectory...

You can teach your player the correct finishing position of the follow through...

However, when the player initiates the motion alone, all the prior instructions go out the window.
The brace is designed to keep players from using incorrect arm motions. It does not allow the elbow to bend beyond approximately 90 degrees. By not allowing the arm to bend much beyond 90 degrees, players will automatically compensate by raising their elbow to shoulder height or higher. This is the start of a mechanically correct over-hand movement. Through using the brace and consistent repetition partnered with intense determination, a person can acquire "muscle memory" and potentially solve many of their incorrect throwing mechanics leading to a higher level of playing excellence.

It is important to note that the ThrowMAX flexible arm brace will not help everyone or cure all incorrect throwing motions - however, it is a device that will work for the vast majority of athletes. Just as everyone has different genetic/bone/muscular structure, everyone also has different arm/leg slots meaning that we all throw, run, kick differently. Additionally, the ThrowMAX brace works best in conjunction with the supervision/teaching of qualified individuals. In other words, a person such as a throwing instructor understands the brace and can best utilize it to meet another individuals needs to improve their game.

X-Small(up to 4ft 7in), Small (4ft 8in to 5ft 2in), Medium (5ft 3in to 5 8in), Large (5ft 9in or taller)


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