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Rotor Twin

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Provides Instant Feedback. Make good contact on the proper swing plane the balls spin like a top. Make poor contact and the spin is erratic. ¨ Realistic Hitting Sensation. Like hitting a real baseball or softball. ¨ Allows no hassle repetitions. Average 3-5 good swings per minute. No time or energy wasted chasing balls, untangling nets, or resetting equipment. ¨ No balls to throw or chase. And no broken windows! ¨ No practice partner required. Use individually at hitter's convenience. ¨ Use indoors or outdoors. Use year round in basement, garage, gym, back yard or at the ballpark. ¨ Height is easily adjustable. Adjusts in seconds for players of different heights or to position the ball in the strike zone. ¨ Requires minimal space for use and storage. Set up and use area is about the size of home plate and batter's box. Can be stored in a 2' X 2' space. ¨ Lightweight and Portable. Fits in most car trunks. Easily carried by one person. ¨ Durable and Safe. Polyurethane balls are designed to withstand daily use at bat speeds typical of amateur players of all ages. Frame is all steel and well constructed for years of use. Replacement parts are readily available

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