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Pro X Tee™ Multi-Position Instructional Tee
The Pro X Tee is an institutional grade tee that allows players to work on countless drill options to correct swing flaws or to get in quality repetition training. The dual wrapped tee tops and sturdy metal base provide unmatched durability for years of use.

  • The ultimate instructional tee that allows players to work the entire hitting zone
  • Improve bat path, swing mechanics and body positioning
  • Use for numerous drills including: Inside Pitch, Outside Pitch, Middle Pitch, Swing Path, Stay Inside the Ball, High Tee, Two Ball and Inside Out Swing
  • Comes with (1) short tee top, (2) long tee tops and 3-part base
  • Durable neoprene and nylon tee tops
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum base
  • Breaks down into included carry bag

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