Baseball and Softball Screens & Nets

Direct Sports offers many different types of screens and nets for Baseball and Softball from brands like Jugs, Atec, Bownet, Louisville Slugger and Practice Partner.
Easton 7 Foot XLP Net
Bownet Big Mouth X© 7x7 Screen: BBM
ATEC Portable L-Screen Sold out
ATEC 7' Pitcher's L-Screen
ATEC Multi-Sport Net
ATEC N1 Portable Practice Net
JUGS Instant Screen: S0100
Bownet Soft Toss Screen Sold out
Easton Pop-Up L-Screen: A153016
JUGS Small Ball Screen
ATEC 7' Square 1st Base Screen
ATEC Wheel Kit

ATEC Wheel Kit

Bownet Pitching Screen
JUGS 7' L-Shaped Screen
JUGS 7' Square Screen
JUGS 8' Square Fungo Screen
JUGS Baseball Backyard Net Package
JUGS Multi-Sport Instant Cage
JUGS Instant Backstop