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Fundraising Ideas for Baseball and Softball Teams

 Spring is here, and with it comes baseball and softball for children, high schoolers, and adults in recreational leagues. Whether your season has just started or is coming up fast, one constant is the need to fundraise. Baseball and softball in all of its forms is a great chance to take advantage of the warm months in a safe and fun way, but unfortunately it isn’t free. Entry fees, travel expenses, equipment, uniforms, and much more; both players and coaches incur costs and no one wants to see someone miss out due an inability to pay. While there is a myriad of ways for a team to fundraise, here’s our favorites.


Team Yard Sale: If we’re truly honest with ourselves we all have stuff we can part with. Yard sales in general are a great way to de-clutter our homes and make some cash in the process. But what makes it even more lucrative? Conglomerating the unwanted stuff of an entire team. This fundraiser is as simple as setting up some tables, making some signs, and spending a day manning your posts. Use a church, community center, or your playing field and the only costs you’ll have will be your time.


Raffles: The need to fundraise doesn’t end after you start your regularly scheduled games. One way to make money throughout the busy season is to hold a raffle during your games. This option gives you loads of control, you set the ticket price and the percent you pay out to the winner, just make sure it’s enough to incentivize the sale. One tip to keep even more of the profits, raffle off a prize rather than money.


Fence Signs: This idea works best if you have an exclusive claim on your playing field. But even if you don’t, this is a chance to coordinate with your entire league and fundraise together. Your fences are billboard space just waiting to be used and local businesses will chomp at the bit for the cheap publicity and chance to help out the community. How much you’ll have to charge is dependent upon whether you or the business will provide the sign.


100 Inning Game: First things first, “100 inning game” is simply the name and you can do this by playing as many innings as you want. Regardless, this idea works exactly like a walk-a-thon where laps or miles are replaced by innings. Your team can tap into the community to find donors who want to pledge certain amounts of money per inning played. Then, you have an inter-squad scrimmage that is open and free for the public to watch. This idea also has the added bonus of being a great day of practice; two birds, one stone.


Team Programs: Create a booklet that not only can be used to drive attendance later in the season but is another fundraising idea that garners community engagement. You can fill your program with information about the team, prior year stats, team records, really anything you want. All you have to do to make money is sell full, half, and quarter page ads in the back of the program to local businesses.


No matter what you decide to do to fundraise money for your team, just remember two things. First, this list is meant to help you get started with brainstorming ideas, be creative and tailor your efforts to your unique situation. Second, never underestimate the team building aspect of fundraising. It offers players and coaches alike a chance to learn new skills and build team cohesiveness along the way.

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