After much uncertainty and deliberation, USSSA and GSL have officially announced they will “grandfather” current 1.20 BPF “Thumbprint” stamps for slowpitch softball bats.  What this means is the currently legal USSSA 1.20 bats models will remain legal indefinitely…. yes, indefinitely!

Important Dates to Remember:

September 1, 2020:    Bat companies must STOP MAKING the current USSSA models
December 31, 2020:   Bat companies must STOP SELLING the current USSSA models to dealers

These current models have a compression rating of 220, while the new models will have a rating of 240.  Considering this number is the pounds of compression required to compress the bat barrel, it becomes quite obvious the current lower compression models will be hotter and have more trampoline effect than the new models.  How much hotter?  Initial testing shows an approximate average of 20-30 feet!  When you combine all of these factors, what do you get?  A possible shortage of the current 220 compression bats as we get closer to 2021.

Our advice?  Buy and buy now…before they are gone!

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