2019 Fastpitch Softball Preview!

The softball season is several months away but that hasn’t stopped the game’s top brands from releasing their new models for the upcoming year of 2019. Between holidays, birthdays, and the ever increasing amount of training to be done in the off-season, there really isn’t a bad time to start picking out your gear for this coming spring. Each year, softball is endowed with new equipment. Some are reliable designs simply looking for a face lift, while others are recently developed models with the newest available technology to help you push past the competition. The only real issue with the large variety of equipment is that it makes it more difficult to pick what’s right for you. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve listed some of the softball equipment that we’re most excited to see on the field come 2019.

2019 Wilson A2000 V125 12.5 Inch Fastpitch Glove

Starting with Wilson’s new outfielder glove, this year’s model is a whopping 12.5 inches that’ll give you the added length necessary to keep all playable balls within arm’s reach. But the size isn’t all Wilson packed into this glove. With a built-in No Sting Zone, even the hottest liners will be no problem and a deep pocket will secure all your web gems. This fastpitch glove is made to fit like a custom glove for every player that wears it and the black, white and gold design is simply stunning.

Mizuno Classic Series Fastpitch Softball Glove 11.5 Inch

Softball is a sport with a rich and beloved history, just like its male counterpart. Mizuno has made a glove for today’s players who want to beat the competition based on skill alone. A simplistic glove, the Classic series is basic and reliable. It’s perfect for players who feel that the modern features of today’s mitts get in the way. It’s a glove that reminds us that all you need to play the game is good quality leather and passion.

2019 Demarini CF Zen (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Back to the new tech, the Zen is filled to the brim with additives to help push your game past its limits like only the best tools can. The bat is made entirely of Paraflex Composite material which is made to move with contact, adding to your pop at the plate. Balanced to help you find your center, the Zen has a weight distribution for the most diverse hitters. Lastly, the 3-Fusion handle reduces vibration to avoid the sting when you swing, which allows you to give it everything you’ve got without fear of consequences.

2019 Easton Prowess -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Speed kills. Luckily, the Prowess uses new composite material to improve your bat speed and help you spray it all over the yard. Not to mention the Thermo Composite Technology has increased the sweet spot allowing for deadly hitting with more of the bat. Hyperskin handle is amongst the game’s thinnest, further adding to your control at the plate. Thanks to Easton’s Prowess, your nemeses on the mound won’t know how to tie you up.  

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