2019 Baseball Product Reviews

Summer has come and gone; but whether you’re playing Fall Ball or gearing up to train for the upcoming baseball season, it’s never too early to get your new equipment. This is particularly true when it comes to both gloves and bats. You’ll need the off season to break in a brand new glove and grow accustomed to fielding balls with a different sized mitt. Furthermore, the thousands of cuts you’ll take in the cage this fall and winter will be most effective if you’re using the same bat that you will later use come spring. Each year, players are faced with a plethora of new products to choose from and the sheer number alone can make it an extremely difficult decision. To help ease the burden, here’s a list of the new 2019 baseball gear that we’re most excited about.


Wilson A2000 CC1 GM Infield Glove

  • These special edition gloves give players a chance to emulate their heroes on the field and feel like true big leaguers. This infield glove is the signature edition of World Series champion Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. A glove fit for the best of the best, the A2000 is a tried and true model from a top brand that’s sure to up the game of any fielder wielding it. New this year is the gap welting technology for improved pocket stability that’ll help pad those fielding percentage stats.

2019 Mizuno Prospect Series Powerclose Baseball Glove

  • Moving toward the fence, this is a glove with a nice lengthy pocket that, while good anywhere on the field, is great for outfield play. Mizuno has been producing quality gloves with their signature Powerclose technology for years and the 2019 model is as good as ever. This glove can effectively eradicate the most frustrating part of getting a new mitt –breaking it in– allowing you to begin perfecting your game right away this year.

2019 Louisville Slugger Solo 619 BBCOR Baseball Bat

  • Louisville Slugger isn’t just one of the game’s oldest brands; they’re the most popular brand in all the major leagues. With the new 2019 Solo, you’re not only swinging the same bat as many big leaguers; you’re partaking in America’s favorite past time with a stunning red, white, and blue bat. The only 2019 model in stock with extreme balance, the Solo is a one-piece alloy bat that, with the aid of the speed ballistic composite end cap, will help you spray the ball all over the field.

2019 Mizuno B 19 Hot Metal -5 USA 2 5/8 Inch Baseball Bat

  • The new USA standards for youth bats are still in their infancy. Because of this, bat manufacturers are continuing to design new models to maximize performance within the new parameters. Introducing Mizuno’s answer: Hot Metal. Hot Metal is a single-wall aluminum alloy that adjusts the wall thickness across the entire barrel. This means that the new bat has an enlarged sweet spot to help young players have a more powerful hit while also staying within the new bat guidelines.


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