2019 New Products for Slow Pitch Softball

2019 New Products for Slow Pitch Softball

Slow pitch softball is one of the country’s most popular recreational activities, for men and women alike. Also, slow pitch softball isn’t just an activity for the summer month, in fact most areas have new seasons every fall, spring, and summer. But before you can play you’ll need to gear up. The sport, while similar to its baseball and fast pitch counterparts, comes with its own assortment of gear that’s specifically tailored to the slower paced game. While the most specific tool for slow pitch is the bat, you can also get a glove unique to the sport. Luckily, you’ve come the right place, we have the newest models, from the games top brands, available for purchase. Check out the rundown of our 2019 stock of slow pitch softball gear.

Mizuno Franchise

  • While common for slow pitch players to simply use gloves from their baseball or fast pitch days, many players are new to the diamond sports. For those people, you might as well get a glove specifically tailored to the game. Longer than your typical glove and expertly crafted the Mizuno Franchise is sure to give you an edge in the field.

Louisville Slugger Super Z1000 Midload

  • Made with the same material as its 2018 counterpart but with a new weight distribution. Loaded for precision, the signature bat of Ryan Stovall, the Super Z1000 is a balanced bat from the powerhouse manufacturer that is Louisville Slugger.

Miken Freak Border Battle

  • With a properly long barrel and four piece design the Freak is one of the most flexible bats on the market. Hitting with this springing bat is sure to help you achieve the pop you’ve always wanted.

Mizuno Orange Crush

  • A return of an old favorite, the Orange Crush re-debuts in 2019. With a power savvy, end loaded weight distribution it’s the perfect bat for every team’s clean-up man.

Worth EST Balanced

  • The EST series prides itself on the durability of the one piece barrel. Fully composed of carbon, the light weight bats offer hitters a chance to boost their bat speed through the zone. For spot hitters with a proclivity for small ball, the EST Balanced is perfect. But for those power hitters, Worth has made the end loaded EST Hybrid.

Worth Legit USA Border Battle

  • The shorter barreled Worth Border Battle series, Legit, comes with its own set of perks. Still end loaded for power, it boasts a four piece design, one more than the previous year’s model, for increased whip through the zone.

Worth Watermelon

  • Wonderfully “loud” design is what really makes this bat stand out in the crowd, but its beauty is hardly skin deep. Incredible durability due to a composite build and end loaded to help you swing for the fences, the new Watermelon is a big bat for big hitters.
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