Direct Sports Special Visitors

Recently Direct Sports had the pleasure of meeting twin baseball and softball fanatics, Bob and Ron Quarantino, at our site in Pearisburg, Virginia. During their visit, we were lucky enough to get to know a little about their lives on and off the field.


Born and raised in Kingston, New York, Bob started playing Little League Baseball in 1951. He later moved up through Pony League and on to fast-pitch in 1959. Per his brother’s guidance, Bob moved to Goodyear, Arizona in 2006 to play slow-pitch tournaments. In 2009 he made the switch from holding an infielder position to becoming a pitcher. While off the field, Bob spent 25 years working for IBM prior to his retirement.  


Prior to his move to Goodyear in 2006, Bob played over 125 games for teams in both New York and Colorado. Since then, he’s played over 200 games and is currently active on three different teams. It’s obvious that his dedication and love for the game is something that will never change.


Like Bob, Ron – who goes by “Q” – grew up in Kingston, New York, but now calls Tucson, Arizona home. His love for the game started with stick ball in the streets and progressed in 1951 when Little League came to his town. Q later transitioned to PONY League and then played fast-pitch from 1959 to 1997. As if playing fast-pitch wasn’t enough, Q picked up slow-pitch in 1965 and still plays to this day. During his time away from the diamond, Q worked for IBM for 30 years and for the 1996 Olympic Committee.


Spending most of his baseball career as an outfielder, Q now enjoys his time on the pitcher’s mound and occasionally in the outfield. At 70 years old, Q reached a personal record of 324 games in a single year - averaging 200 games each year since 2000.


Fun Fact: Between 2015-2017, Bob and Q played for a team in Portland, Oregon where they won two world championships in Las Vegas and even received world championship rings. Bob was also honored with the MVP title and has accumulated seven All-Tournament Team patches.


Now that’s what we call dedication! These brothers prove that when you truly love the sport, it’s nearly impossible to put the bat down. Thank you Bob and Q for stopping by to see us and sharing your amazing story with us—we enjoyed every minute of it!


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