Baseball Movies to Watch with your Dad this Father’s Day

Baseball Movies to Watch with your Dad this Father’s Day

            Baseball, much like father/child bonding, is an international language. With Father’s Day this weekend it’s time to start making some plans to celebrate. Watching a baseball movie is not only enjoyable but also can be a catalyst to bring up memories for those whose dads and families were active in their baseball and softball development.

The only issue you may encounter is that there are quite a few baseball movies available to watch and while most of them are good, not all of them showcase themes of parenthood. To help you narrow down your choices this Father’s Day here are our favorite baseball movies to watch with our fathers.

The Rookie (2002)

            The Rookie is a reminder that support in the father/child relationship can come from both ends. It tells the story of a man who is encouraged to follow his dream by the same family he gave it up in order to provide for. The film has a good mix of touching and lighthearted family moments all wrapped up in a pretty amazing true story. 

The Sandlot (1993)

            The Sandlot is a wonder-filled look into what it was like to grow up a baseball fan in the 1960’s, which is sure to resonate with fathers who grew up in that era. This movie provides a few laughs but could also prompt some great conversation with your old man about his childhood, which is sure to put a smile on his face. Also, there are some really great moments the main character, Scotty, has with his new stepfather that show a father figure really trying to connect with his new son.

Mickey (2004)

            At its heart, Mickey is really more of a father/son movie rather than a baseball movie. It shows an active little league father who goes to extreme lengths to give his son one more amazing little league season. That being the case, this movie gets some serious sentimental points if you’re lucky enough to have a father who played an active role in your youth league baseball/softball.  

Trouble with the Curve (2012)

            Who says baseball can only be sacred for fathers and sons? Trouble with the Curve is a heartwarming story about a reconnecting father and daughter who seem to have only ever been able to bond over America’s past time. This one can really resonate with those softball dads who have a daughter that knows just as much about baseball, if not more, than they do. 

Field of Dreams (1989)

            Field of Dreams is such a great movie that it has become a staple of the baseball flick genre so at the very least you can be sure you’ll enjoy the film. It also functions to remind us what holidays like Father’s Day are all about, letting our loved ones know we feel before it’s too late.

Lastly, remember that whether you and your father share a bond over baseball/softball or something else what’s most important is spending time with or reaching out to yours to let them know you care. From all of us at the Direct Sports Family, Happy Father’s Day.

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