Baseball Themed Vacations

Baseball Themed Vacations


With summer now in full swing everyone is running around trying to get the most out of their free time while the days are long and nights are warm. As such, this time of year families and groups of friends find the time to have new experiences by taking vacations or weekend trips. For those baseball super fans who aren’t satisfied with just watching major league games on TV but want to get out and experience the sport first hand, vacations offer a great chance to do exactly that. There are multiple options for both friends and families alike to plan a baseball themed vacation and create lasting memories with loved ones through America’s past time. Here are our suggestions for baseball inspired vacations that you can take this summer.

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

Located in Cooperstown, NY the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, founded in 1939, offers far more than just looking at pictures of the sports greats, though it is a key part of the experience. Instead, it offers an interactive walk down memory lane for a sport with an incredibly rich history. Full of artifacts and exhibits that cover almost every aspect of the game, the Hall of Fame is well worth the trip. It’s worth noting that while just visiting Cooperstown and going to the Hall can make for a great trip, you can get more bang for your buck. If you want, you go and attend the induction ceremony on Induction Weekend that occurs annually in the summer, this year on July 27 – 30. 

Go to a Game

It’s a simple suggestion but no matter how many times you go see a professional baseball game the experience will always be amazing. The beauty of taking a trip to see a ball game is that you have almost limitless options as to how far you want to travel, how long you want to stay, and how much you want to spend. You can go see a major league game or visit a minor league park for much less money, either way you get to enjoy the excitement of a pro baseball game which is sure to be fun for all. Also, while we all have our favorite teams our suggestion is to also look into visiting other parks. Not only do you get to see different teams and stadiums but it is an excuse to experience a new city and keep things fresh.

Take a Trip to Louisville, Kentucky

Lastly, if you want to visit Louisville there is a great opportunity to add some baseball flare to your trip. Louisville Slugger offers tours of the legendary brand’s manufacturing facility during certain hours of the day. On par with visiting factories of our country’s famous brands, such as Hershey for example, this tour offers fascinating insight into the creation of one of the most trusted names in baseball equipment. Visiting the facility also offers one the chance to have a custom Louisville Slugger bat made which is great for decorating a house or giving to someone as a gift.

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